"Every decision we make and every thought we have, whether we know it or not, is predicated on what our values are.  This is why before we make any financial decision, we must first determine what it is we value most."

Brett W. Hagen


Founder's Message

Why I created Values Based Wealth Management....

Your values are what are most important to you and your family.

This should be your guiding light when it comes to your financial plan.

We at Values Based Wealth Management help you take the things that

are most important to you and construct a plan that addresses these  concerns.

You will be walked through our five-step process that makes the formation and implementation of your plan clear, concise and accurate.

Our firm operates under something a little bit old fashioned; we have a motto:

"Attention and Service"... Attention to what your needs, concerns and questions are and Service, making sure that your concerns are addressed, questions answered, and decisions properly implemented.

We are here at your service and hope that you let us help to remove the confusion, apprehension and concerns that you have with your family's financial future.

Thank you for visiting Values Based Wealth Management!

Please spend some time exploring the other areas of our site, drill down.  I hope you find the resources that we provide to be helpful.

We will always have time for your suggestions and referrals.  Thanks again,  Brett