"Every decision we make and every thought we have, whether we know it or not, is predicated on what our values are.  This is why before we make any financial decision, we must first determine what it is we value most."

Brett W. Hagen


The Spending Game!

What is the Spending Game?

Our retirement planning process is based on a complete accounting of all your assets.  Everything from your qualified plans ( 401K, IRAs, Roths) to Social Security are considered.  We take our time making sure your desires, needs, and goals for your retirement are considered.

Now the fun starts. 

Through the most powerful retirement management tool available, "The Spending Game", we go to work.

We are able to consider all scenarios.  What will retirement be like if it begins at X?  What will retirement be like if we receive Roth income now, and postpone your 401K until later?  These are just a couple of the "what ifs" we can project.

It is called "The Spending Game" for a reason.  We have saved, invested and done without so we can have a secured retirement.  Now, for the first time, we must shift gears, and start "to spend down", or receive income from these assets.

At Values Based Wealth Management, our goal is to make sure all aspects of your retirement assets are properly accounted for, and match your values and goals for your retirement.

Our firm's hope is not that you just survive in retirement, but that you thrive in retirement!

Put us to work for you!

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